Search Planning History (Prior to January 2010)


This search provides scanned images of cards containing planning history for a property prior to January 2010. These cards have not been updated since this date.

Planning history can also be viewed here but may not include applications prior to the 1990's.

Planning applications can be found here. In some cases if the planning application reference number from the history card is inserted into a planning application search then it will retrieve more information associated with the application.

Using both searches the entire planning history of a property is available. You can also use Know Your Neighbourhood to find planning applications near your property.

Tips on Searching

  • You can search using the property name / number, road name or town fields.
  • If your search does not return the result you were looking for try searching under only one of the fields to widen the search
  • If there is no planning history for your property prior to 2010 this search will not return any results.
    This information is provided to make it easier for you to research the planning history, if you are purchasing land / property we recommend you undertake a Land Charges Search. You can find more about this here.